“Our vision at Nara is to provide the best possible start for our pre-school children,

and prepare them well for the years to come at primary school”.



At Nara we believe a quality learning environment is where children are empowered to explore and discover through play, where children’s creativity, imagination and collaboration are fostered through a holistic approach.

We see children as competent and capable learners and hold high expectations for each child’s learning.

We believe play provides the opportunity to expand their world, to identify and solve problems that are relevant and meaningful. We believe in providing children with opportunities to visit and revisit experiences, giving them time to develop and build their skills.

A rich and engaging learning environment draws on each child’s interests, strengths and their individual and family experiences. It incorporates materials that are open ended, challenging and represent the children’s family, community and the natural environment. We believe each child should feel they are a valued member of the group and an active participant in the program. We believe that a strong partnership between children, families, the community and educators enhances the sense of belonging and opportunities for learning for all.

We believe that educators should constantly analyse and reflect on children’s learning and their teaching practices. They should support and scaffold children’s learning and help them work towards the learning outcomes from the Australian and Victorian Early Years Frameworks.