• How many days a week will my child attend kinder?

Children in the 4 year old program will attend 3 days a week (15 hours per week), and those in the 3 year old program will attend 2 days a week (5 hours per week).

  • How many children are in each group?

At Nara Preschool the 4 year old groups can have up to 22 children, and the 3 year old groups can have up to 18 children per group. (Educator to child – ratio 1:11).

  • My child doesn’t turn three until after the term commences, what happens then?

Children cannot start until their third birthday, as per the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) requirements for educator to child ratios.  However, if you are available to attend the preschool with your child prior to their 3rd birthday,  you are more than welcome to do so.

  • I’m not a Monash resident, can I still apply to enrol at Nara?

If you are not a Monash resident you may still apply for Nara.  However, enrolment offers to non-residents will be made after all residents on a kindergarten’s waiting list, who applied by 30 June closing date for first allocations, have been offered a place.

  • My child is 18 months old, how do I secure a place at Nara?

Monash Council maintains a Central Enrolment Register for 32 kindergartens in the municipality; you need to complete a Kindergarten Central Registration Application form and place Nara Preschool as your first preference!  This form can be (and is strongly recommended) submitted when your child turns 18 months.

  • I would love an opportunity to meet with the educators, see the centre and understand the centre’s philosophy. Is this something which you offer?
Of course! Families are always welcome to visit and check out our facilities, meet our teachers and find out more about our teaching philosophies/approaches.  It is best to phone first (9807 5250) to organise a suitable time.  (Bring your children in so that they can also get a feel for our kindergarten and playground).


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