Parent Working Bee:

We need as many families as possible to assist with our Parent Working Bee next Term – Sunday 10th October.  We will be adding new tanbark to the playground, with a load of tanbark being delivered.  Many hands make for a quick and fun morning for all!  More details to follow.

2010 Parent Survey:

Thank you to the families who completed our annual Parent Survey.  Results are currently being collated.  We will include a summary of results in our next newsletter.

Building Renovation:

Nara Committee is looking into the possibility of organising joint funding from state and local government to extend and renovate our building.  We will keep you informed as this matter progresses.

Term 4 Fees:

Term 4 fees are due by Friday 17th September (the final day of Term 3).

Our preferred payment option is internet direct debit.  Cheque payment is also available.  Although payment may be made by cash – we very STRONGLY DISCOURAGE this, as it poses security risks for the kinder.

Congratulations Cheryl:

Congratulations to Cheryl Coady (currently on maternity leave) on the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Maeve.  Apparently our lucky 3 year old children have already met Maeve.

Transition Reports – for four year old students:

Last year the government brought out compulsory Transition Reports for kinder teacher and parents to complete together.  These are a tool to help your children make the transition from kinder to school with ease.

During Term Four, I will be preparing these and sending these to parents.  There are a couple of sections that parents are required to complete and sign.  I will send these initially by email (or on paper for those parents without email).  Parents and schools will also receive a paper copy of the final Transition Report.

To make this a smooth process I am requesting that you reply as soon as possible after receiving each part of the transition.  I will be sending out instructions.  Any queries, please ask.


Kindergarten Enrolments:

Don’t forget to confirm your 2011 offers as soon as possible, in order to secure a place.

Enrolment queries?

4 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Carolyn Thorburn – 0410 043 721

3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Christine O’Rourke – 0410 043 713


Thank you to everyone for another great term of support!  We have had a very successful chocolate drive and have appreciated everyone returning their money so fast.  Next term we have labels and the toy catalogue coming.

Deliveries of Tea Towels and Picture Plates are due in the next few weeks.

For your diary – don’t forget to book in our Christmas Family Fun Day, Sunday 5th December, with lots of entertainment for everybody.

“Tooth Tips”:

Did you know?

  • It is best to avoid using lollies, sweet biscuits or chocolate as treats or rewards for your child.
  • A treasure jar full of balloons, stickers, crayons and toys is a great idea for special rewards or treats for your child.
  • A handy snack idea is to keep a “snack box” in the fridge.  The box should contain healthy foods such as pieces of fruit, vegetables, cheese and small sandwiches.  This helps establish health snacking habits.

Bright Star Kids:

Bright Star Kids make organising easy (Plus 25% of every sale will come back to Nara Pre-school).

This year we’ve teamed up with Bright Star Kids as our fundraising partner.  They’ve got lots of great label kits to help stop your kids things getting lost or mixed up.  You’ll get great value with their range of labels and lots of extra deals, including 40 FREE Tiny (pencil) Labels for every child in your order and of course FREE postage on every order!

Shop Online and help us raise funds:

Child’s Play:

Child’s Play Australia is offering Nara the opportunity to receive free education resources from their highly regarded range.  For any parent orders placed on the Childsplay website ( Nara preschool will receive a 20% credit.


Watch out for a Tupperware Catalogue at Nara.  10% of all orders received will be donated to Nara.  A great chance to do a bit of Christmas Shopping!

Green Group (3yo) News:

Hi Families,

We have been having lots of fun this month at Kinder.

We got to see a real live puppet show about a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  We laughed and giggled all the way through it and then even got to go back stage and be a puppet ourselves.

We have also just recently planted some seeds that you will see in our Kinder. We have talked about what the seeds need to grow – sunlight and water and even participated in a drama activity, using our bodies to be little seeds then slowly grow into a big tall tree.

Just recently we got a special visit from Cheryl and got to meet her little baby Maeve, who we were very excited about.

One of our favourite things to do at kinder at the moment is use the dress ups.  We have been fairies, princesses and pirates and have worked together really well to come up with some great story lines whilst being dressed up.

Coming up we will be hatching some chicken eggs!  We have to keep them warm in the incubator first and then we get to watch them hatch.  This will bring discussion around lifecycles, caring for animals and our environment, that we are very eager to explore.

Lastly we have been very busy putting some work, photos and documents in our personal portfolios so please, if you get a chance, take a peek at your own child’s one.


Lainey and Pam

Red and Blue Groups (4yo) News:

Support Your Team Day

  • Blue Group Tuesday 14th September, Red Group Friday 17th September
  • Wear your favourite team colours from any sport

What a busy term we have had especially the last two weeks.  Some of the children’s interests have been bugs, birds, planting our vegetables, dog games, pirates and treasure maps. We have also made some apple muffins and squeezed some oranges.  The bugs were a big success with the children examining many different mini beasts and learning about camouflage, insects, spiders, worms, stick insects, large snails and cockroaches and so on.  Maybe you could spend some time reading the book we created with your child.

We also had our Fathers and Working Mother’s night.  We had half the parents of both groups attend.  Thank you for your support.   The children showed their dads some of the things they do at kinder and introduced them to their friends.   Parents spent time looking at the portfolios then to finish the night the children did a dance and helped to read a story with me.  The highlight was when some of the fathers joined in with the dancing!

Thank you to Emily’s dad for helping us prepare the veggie patch.  All the children in Blue group helped dig and rake the garden, then planted seeds.  Red and Green group have also planted some seeds.  Please take some time to have a look at our veggies with your child.  Also other parent helpers would be appreciated.  The children are helping to look after these small plants by watering them, looking at them and reminding each other to be careful.  Red group worked together to design and create our very own scarecrow – a wonderful suggestion from one of the children.

We have a student, Sankari, helping for three weeks.  Following on from discussion about birds, Sankari has sourced some eggs which we are trying to hatch.  This will take about 21 days, so look out for our little chickens just before the holidays. Sankari is also going to set up some bird feeders in the playground (away from the scarecrow of course!)

Please read the reflection books and the children’s portfolios to see some of the many other things that have been happening at kinder.

Library will be finishing at the end of the term so please return all books by the end of term.


Vanessa, Louise and Sarah

News Blog Feedback:

Do you have any suggestions or feedback for our news blog?  Perhaps an article you would like included, or some further information or a question on a topic mentioned?

Please let Kathie (, Vanessa, Lainey or any member of the Nara Committee know.   All suggestions and input gratefully received!

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