Don’t forget your library bag!  Blue group – Tuesdays, Red group – Fridays.  The children have opportunity to borrow a new book each week from our Nara Library.


Our kinder photos will be taken the second week of next term.  Please put the date above on your calendar.


Outdoor play is important to the health and wellbeing of the children.  As part of our program we will be going outside unless it is raining.  Please make sure your child has appropriate warm clothes for outdoor play – a hat and warm jacket, or jacket with a hood is ideal.

If you feel your child is too unwell to play outside, they really should be kept at home, rather than attending kinder.


Thank you to all the families that supported the Monash Community Raffle.  Nara raised $673 – this money is being spent on some new outdoor play equipment.

Picture Plate and Tea Towel orders are in progress now.  These make terrific presents, and will be received back in plenty of time for Christmas.

Next term we will be sending Cadbury Chocolates home with families.  Again – thank you for supporting Nara’s fundraising activities – helping the Pre-School provide better educational resources for all of our children.


We would be grateful if any families could donate either indoor plants, or seedlings for our vegetable garden.


We still have some children arriving at kinder with processed and sugary foods in their lunchbox.   At Nara we encourage healthy eating, and ask that parents ensure that snacks and lunches contain healthy food such as sandwiches, fruit and vegetables.  Cakes and sweet biscuits should not be part of your child’s usual kinder snack or lunch.


A huge thank you to Caroline Aldred and her work for donating their photocopier to the kinder.  The staff report back that they don’t miss the constant paper jams from the old copier!


Thank you to parents and staff for helping organise and host a successful Nara Open Day.


2011 enrolments – central enrolments with Monash City Council close on 30th June.

Enrolment queries?

4 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Caroline Thorburn – 0410 043 721

3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Christine O’Rourke – 0410 043 713


Eat Well

  • Offer healthy snacks between meal times such as fresh fruit pieces and yoghurt, cheese and dry biscuits, chopped vegetables and sandwiches.
  • Limit sweet sticky snacks, such as fruit/muesli bars, sweet biscuits, lollies, chocolate and fruit strips.

Drink Well

  • Encourage your child to drink tap water every day (this provides the benefit of fluoride).
  • Limit sweet drinks, including fruit juices/drinks, soft drinks and cordials (either bought or home-made).
  • Offer plain milk in a cup (reduced fat plain milk may be encouraged from two years of age).
  • A bottle is not necessary after 12 months.


With Cheryl commencing Maternity Leave earlier than expected, our 3 year old group has been very lucky to have Jane as a teacher until the end of this term. We are in the process of appointing a new teacher for our three year olds for the last two terms of the year, and hope to be able to give you an update soon.


It is with great delight that I join Green group in the absence of Cheryl.  As reported to you in my short news letter I have taught at Brentwood Preschool for 16 years teaching both the 3 & 4 year old groups.

I am quickly getting to know the children’s names and would love families to introduce themselves to me and chat about your child when helping on duty or after the session.  Please feel free to see me after the session if you have any questions or queries about the program or some information that may help with your child’s time at Kindergarten.

I, like many other teachers in Melbourne, am getting to know the new Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Program and am incorporating many learning aspects into our program over the next few weeks.

I look forward to working with your children and discovering their learning interests.  Please feel free to email the preschool about what your child is doing and what they like as it all helps with my planning.  If you would like photos of your child at preschool please send an email to me at the preschool and I will endeavour to forward photos to you for your records.  Please put your child’s name on the email.  nara.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au

I am starting a take home book for the children to get to know each other.  Pam and I will add some information about ourselves to this book.  Have fun reading it when it comes to your house.  This helps the children learn the names of their peers and allows us to learn a little about their likes and interests.

Happy Parenting,

Jane Raymond and Pam


Following the dinosaur visit (which was a big success) the children have been talking about fossils, size, and volcanoes.  (Heather made a volcano with the children, using bicarbonate soda).  The children made many objects relating to dinosaurs and we also created a book about what we liked about the visit.

We have been cooking, planting and talking about healthy eating.  Whilst exploring bubbles, we have looked at their movement in the air, their shape and colours.  From this other experiments occurred with balls – blowing table tennis balls/marbles and experimenting with bouncing and rolling the balls using ramps and different surfaces.

The children have been matching and sorting objects, using lots of language during these experiences.   This has lead into looking at shapes and colours as well as different animals.

The children have also been using lots of boxes to form creations, drawing many pieces and some are exploring letter and word shapes.

We are talking also about making books and writing stories and the children are becoming interested.

Again we invite interested parents to share their skills with the children.  We are especially interested in cooking, and can organise the ingredients.

With almost half a year completed, the children are learning and changing quickly.  You are welcome to discuss your child’s progress with us, either in brief, or by making an appointment with Vanessa.

Also, Vanessa may be contacted by email –  nara.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au .


Vanessa, Louise and Sarah


Do you have any suggestions or feedback for our news blog?  Perhaps an article you would like included, or some further information or a question on a topic mentioned?

Please let Kathie (news@narapreschool.org.au), Vanessa, Cheryl or any member of the Nara Committee know.   All suggestions and input gratefully received!

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