Again Nara has been selected by the City of Monash to participate in the Smiles 4 Miles dental initiative.

Eat Well – promoting fresh fruit and vegetables rather than pre-packaged foods that are high in sugar and/or fat

Drink Well – promoting water rather than sweet drinks

Clean Well – encouraging regular tooth brushing supported by parents

Your children will have received a free water bottle and lunchbox as part of this initiative.  We will include some “Tooth Tips” in each of our newsletters, and hope you will join us in encouraging your children to take care of their teeth.


Don’t forget to return your tickets/money back to Nara before kinder April 30.  Just imagine if one of our Nara families wins a car!

Other fundraising activities for Term 2 include Picture Plates and Tea Towels.


Term 2 fees were due by Friday March 26 (the final day of Term 1).  Any unpaid Term 2 fees are now overdue.

Our preferred payment option is internet direct debit.  Cheque payment is also available.  Although payment may be made by cash – we very STRONGLY DISCOURAGE this, as it poses security risks for the kinder.

Details for electronic payment are as follows:

Account Name:                          Nara Pre School Association Inc.
Bank Account Number:           00900501
BSB Number:                               063 151
Description:                                 Child’s Name Term X    ? You must include a description


The children love being creative with recycled boxes.  We encourage families to drop off small boxes  and tubes for the children to use – please no boxes from nut products or toilet rolls.  Thank you.


A huge thank you for Andrew and Jay from Brumby’s Bakery Mount Waverley for again making hot cross buns with our kindergarten children – giving freely of their time, expertise and ingredients.  From what we have seen – not too many hot cross buns survived until the end of kindergarten – Yum!


2011 enrolments – central enrolments with Monash City Council close on June 30th.

Younger siblings – for Nara sibling policy to apply, 2011 Nara enrolments must be lodged with Monash City Council before May 31st.

Enrolment queries?

4 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Caroline Thorburn – 0410 043 721

3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Christine O’Rourke – 0410 043 713


Kindgergarten Parents’ Victoria (KPV) Early Years Conference is June 4th and 5th at Caulfield Racecourse.  Parents, teachers and kindergarten committees are welcome to attend.  More information is available from KPV.

“TOOTH TIPS” – Thumb and Finger Sucking:

  • Sucking on thumbs, fingers and toys is healthy and normal during infancy.
    • Most children spontaneously stop sucking between two and four years of age.
    • Thumb and finger sucking after four years of age can affect the child’s appearance, speech and ability to bite.
    • When permanent teeth start to erupt (6-7 years), sucking on thumbs, fingers and dummies may cause teeth to grow out of line.
    • Did you Know?  Children are more likely to suck their thumbs when they are:
      • Tired,
      • Stressed,
      • Hungry, or
      • In a new or threatening environment.

For more information contact Dental Health Services Victoria .


Parents who may have a special skill or activity to share with our kinder children are invited to speak with Cheryl or Vanessa.  Some ideas that may interest the children include cooking, musical instruments, something to make, other cultures and careers (such as Policeman, Nurse, etc).


Families are reminded to send along a family photo to kinder.  For 4yo children a framed photo is best, for 3yo children a plain photo we can stick to the wall is best.  All photos and frames will be returned to families at the end of the year.


The children are settled, and more comfortable at kindergarten.  It is wonderful seeing their confidence and skills develop as they relax and join in more.

This week is our Teddy Bear’s Picnic and walking excursion to the Post Box where our “very special” invitations will be posted for our Mother’s Day Morning Tea.

In May the children will participate in a Movement and Learning Incursion with Brendan O’Hara.


Cheryl and Pam


The children are well settled, making friends and creating many different play experiences.  Lots of sharing ideas, building on these ideas and learning from each other has occurred.  We talked about many topics last term including healthy eating – different foods and drinks, people being the same and different, being safe and about the days of the week.

We have headed into a busy Term 2 with successful Dinosaur incursions from Museums Victoria.   The children were able to touch some fossils, see the sizes of some of the dinosaurs and learnt about what happened to them. They experienced being dinosaurs though different movement activities.  We are now creating a book of the visit which will have photos, drawings and comments that the children have made.  Please have a look at it with your child.

Movement and Learning Workshops are planned for May, and excursions to Sussex Heights Primary School in June.

Portfolios are now prepared for each pupil.  The portfolios will continue to be developed and added to throughout the year.  Parents and children are encouraged to review their portfolios regularly, take them home and also to add stories and comments to them.

If you still have not returned your child’s “Who Am I?” sheet to us, please would you return these as soon as possible?

Vanessa is away for two weeks from Friday April 21st to Friday May 7th.  Cheryl and Heather Roe will be filling in for Vanessa.


Vanessa, Louise and Sarah


Do you have any suggestions or feedback for our newsletter?  Perhaps an article you would like included, or some further information or a question on a topic mentioned?

Please let Kathie (, Vanessa, Cheryl or any member of the Nara Committee know.   All suggestions and input gratefully received!

Newsletter items are also posted on our website:

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