EASTER FAMILY FUN DAY – Sunday March 21 10am-12noon:

This promises to be a great day for all – with BBQ, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Raffle Drawn, Lucky Dips, a special Easter visitor (with a little cotton tail who loves to hop?) and more!  Don’t forget to write this in your diary.

In the next week or so there will be a basket in the foyer for donations for our Easter Raffle.  We are requesting donations of Easter Eggs, etc.  If everyone contributes we will have a fantastic raffle!


We have children enrolled at our pre-school who have severe nut allergies.  Exposure to even a trace of nuts can be life threatening for these children.  Therefore NO NUTS are to be brought to Nara Pre-school.  Peanut butter, Nutella and other nut products are banned.  Also, upon arrival at Nara children are required to wash their hands with soap.  Thank you.


Nara Pre-school is a sunsmart centre.  Sunscreen and Sun hats (either broad brim or legionnaires style) must be worn by children when outdoors.  Children must have sunscreen applied by their parents/carers before or upon arrival at kindergarten.  For long day sessions, staff will assist children with reapplying sunscreen during the session.  Thank you for your assistance


Term 2 fees are due by Friday March 26 (the final day of Term 1).  Our preferred payment option is internet direct debit.  Cheque payment is also available.  Although payment may be made by cash – we very STRONGLY DISCOURAGE this, as it poses security risks for the kinder.

Details for electronic payment are as follows:

Account Name:                          Nara Pre School Association Inc.
Bank Account Number:           00900501
BSB Number:                               063 151
Description:                                 Child’s Name Term X    ? You must include a description


Our parents and committee work hard raising funds for Nara Pre-school.

Here are two quick, easy fundraisers that don’t cost us a cent!

  • Ritchie’s Card / Key Tag – Simply present your card or key tag each time you shop at any Ritchie’s supermarket  and  1% of your spend is donated to Nara Pre-school.  Cards and key tags registered to Nara are available in the foyer.
  • Waverley Cinemas website – Save this address in your favourites folder on your web browser, then click daily to register for our Nara Fundraiser.  This takes less than a minute each day.  As the number of “hits” accumulates, Nara receives movie tickets and money.  Also you have a chance of winning tickets and other prizes when you register daily.


Thank you to everyone who assisted over the holidays.  We had people looking after bins, mail and indoor plants, whilst others gardened.  We also had two working bees and achieved a significant amount.  The wooden playground equipment was oiled to protect it from the weather, the sandpit sides were raised, new garden bed edging was installed, as well as lots of general cleaning up and gardening.  All of this was completed by volunteers.

Thank you to Eddie Stopanjik, Mick and Michele Jays, Christine O’Rourke, Melissa Eilers, Kelly Vimpani, Kathie and Peter Halliday, Kate Bristow, Adam Thorburn, Gideon and Claire Dorrington, Claire McAvaney and Gabrielle Mattille for giving your time and energy to Nara.

Also thank you to Bunnings Nottinghill for the sleepers and other goods they donated.


We are seeking a few parents who are happy to do a bit of gardening for Nara.  If a few people can assist with weeding and tidying for an hour or two each term we will be able to maintain the garden properly.  If you are able to help, that’s great.  Just see Vanessa or Cheryl, organise a time that suits you and start gardening!

BUNNING’S BBQ – Sunday February 14:

Our Bunning’s Fundraising BBQ was successful, despite a rainy start.  The BBQ was very early in the kinder year, and it was terrific that so many were able to assist.

Many thanks to Gabby Mattille, Kathie Halliday, Kate Bristow, Mishel, Adam Thorburn, Kelly Vimpani, Hamish McKeonn, Andy Boys, Christine O’Rourke, Manjula Navaratine, Kelly and Jason Braun, Eddie Stopajnik, Michelle Jays, Clare Morrissy, Ranbit, Henriet Alexander-Jenshell, Claire and Grant McAvaney and David Phillips.

Thanks also to Safeway for donating 8kg of sausages, and to Brumby’s Mount Waverley for donating the lovely fresh bread!


Vanessa (our 4yo teacher) has been selected for the National Dragon Boating Team representing Australia in the Asian Games later this year.  Congratulations and good luck!


President:                                           Kate Bristow

Vice President:                                 Claire Morrissy

Secretary:                                           Gabrielle Mattille

Treasurer:                                           David Phillips

Communications Officer:              Kathie Halliday

IT Officer:                                            Colin Entwistle

Enrolment Officers:                        Christine O’Rourke (3yo)
Caroline Thorburn (4yo)

Assistant Treasurers:                      Kerry Braun (3yo)
Rosa Phillips (4yo)

Maintenance Officers:                     Sue Monagle
Wayne Campbell

OH&S Officer:                                      vacant

Purchasing Officer:                          Caroline Aldred

Fundraising Officers:                      Clare Dorrington, Claire McAveney, 2 vacancies

General Committee:                      Kelly Vimpani, Michele Jays, Eddie Stopajnik


We are seeking assistance with fundraising.  Last year we had four people on our fundraising team, however, we only have two people this year.  Please let us know if you can help out by joining our fundraising team.  Any help (large or small) would be greatly appreciated – committee meeting attendance is not essential.


Nara Pre-school is again participating in the Monash Community Raffle.  Organised by Rotary, this raffle enables us to offer huge prizes, such as cars, whilst profiting the kinder (80% of ticket sales go to the kinder).  This year the raffle takes place during March and April, with tickets due back at kinder April 30.  We hope that all families will support this community raffle.  Just imagine if one of our families wins a car!


The following Nara committee members have volunteered to act as Parent Liaison Officers.  If you have any matter you wish to bring to the attention of the Committee, please contact the representative from your child’s group.  Contact details are listed on the notice in the foyer.

Green Group:                    Caroline Aldred and Kate Bristow

Blue Group:                        Clare Dorrington

Red Group:                         Gabrielle Mattille, Carolyn Thorburn


Enrolment queries?

4 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Caroline Thorburn – 0410 043 721

3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Christine O’Rourke – 0410 043 713


Welcome to all of our Green Group children and their families.

Our three year old children have been settling in at Nara over the last three weeks in our short sessions.  These small groups have allowed the children to become familiar with the kindergarten and with Pam and myself in a quiet setting.  Thank you to our parents for being understanding during our small group sessions and assisting us by dropping off and leaving quickly.

Our full group sessions start this week.  From Monday February 22 all Green Group children will attend two sessions each week – Monday 12:45 – 3:15 and Thursday 9:15 – 11:45.  Mainly this term will allow for the children to be familiar with the routine of kindergarten, separating from their parents and learning to work within the same space as other children in the group.

Please could you bring in a photo of your child with their family?  We will then display these photos for us all to enjoy.  This serves as a comforting tool for your child, seeing some familiarity in the kinder room, and also helps other families get to know you and your child.

Parents are invited to join us for morning tea on Thursday March 4 from 10am.   This is a great chance for parents, children and teachers to meet each other.  Please bring along a (nut free) plate of food to share, instead of sending a snack for your child.

During the year we are available, should you wish to discuss how your child is going at kinder.  At the end of a session once the children have left is best, or please make an appointment.


Cheryl and Pam


I would like to welcome everyone to Nara and am looking forward to the year to come.

All the children are settling into the program.  They are exploring the many experiences available and learning each other’s names and of course the teachers’ names.  Some of the experiences the children have enjoyed include painting, block building, home corner, play dough, water play and dinosaurs.  Outside the hoops, sand, farm animals and the big blocks are used regularly.  The children are becoming familiar with the routines of the kinder as well.

As part of sharing information with family members, every week, next to the sign in book, there will be a reflection book for you to read about some of the experiences the children were involved in during the week. On the wall as you come in there is a plan of the months’ experiences being set for both inside and outside.

Throughout the year you will have opportunities to see our digital photo frame setup with photos of your child’s participation throughout the day.  Another way we will be sharing information is the portfolios.  These are your child’s individual records that will be built on throughout the year.  If you wish to add information/stories to these you are most welcome.  Later in the year you may want to sit with your children and look through these and talk to them about the photos that will be included.

Over the next term the children will be bring home a book with the childrens’ photos so they can become familiar with the other children in the group and you can see the friends they have made.  Please encourage them to draw a picture and place it in the back of the book.

If you wish to talk to me about anything please make a time.  I am available most days after the session, once the children are gone and I am usually around till about 4:30-5pm.  I am also available Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.  Please make an appointment.

Vanessa:  I would like to tell you something about me I have been working with children for 15 years in a variety of different settings.  I have been involved in Guides for a number of years.  Now  my main hobby is dragon boating (a big canoe that has 22 people paddling it).  Through this sport I have represented Victoria a number of times and this year I have been selected to represent Australia in the Asian games this April.  (Some people were asking about coming to Docklands to see an event.  There is one on March 21 that runs all day).

Louise: I have trained as a mothercraft nurse and have been working with children for about 15 years, mainly working in childcare and kinder settings.  I have three children which keep me very busy as they have more of a social life than I do.  In my spare time I enjoy playing netball and I walk the thousand steps (in Ferntree Gully) once a week.

In Blue Group we have Sandra from Connections working with us for 8 hours a week and will also have someone else helping Blue Group for 6 hours a week.  Thank you to Georgia who is halfway through her placement at Nara currently – Georgia you have been a great help in the kinder room, thank you.


Vanessa, Louise and Sarah


  • The Great Fete:  Holy Family School, 250 Stephensons Rd, Saturday March 13 10am-4pm.
    A great day out with rides, giant slide, carousel, fun games, animal farm, books, plants …. come and check it out!


Do you have any suggestions or feedback for our newsletter?  Perhaps an article you would like included, or some further information or a question on a topic mentioned?

Please let Kathie know by email (news@narapreschool.org.au), in person, or via Vanessa or Cheryl or a member the Nara Committee.   All suggestions and input gratefully received!

Newsletter items are also posted on our website: www.narapreschool.org.au

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