Please note down the time and date of this year’s AGM – Tuesday November 17 at 7:30pm.

Nominations are sought for our 2010 Committee by Friday November 6.  At the completion of the AGM, session places for 2009 will be confirmed for those in attendance.


Our kindergarten is run by volunteers and parent involvement.  Parent assistance and fundraising is integral to the success and quality of Nara Preschool.

It is expected that ALL PARENTS HELP OUT AT LEAST ONE OR TWO TIMES EACH YEAR with activities such as Bunnings BBQs, Family Days or Working Bees.  Or, perhaps you can help out by being on the Preschool’s Committee.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that some families do more than their share, whilst others do not contribute at all.  Helping out makes a vital difference to the quality of Nara Preschool, ensures we are a community and sets a great example to our children.

Nara needs ALL PARENTS to step up, and “do their bit” for the kindergarten.


We require helpers for our Bunning’s BBQ in December.   It’s a busy time of year, so we are asking parents to volunteer ASAP, so that we can have a really successful fundraising BBQ for the end of year.  Please mark this date in your diary and write your name on the roster urgently!


    A big thank you for donating the cost of our bus for the Green Group’s Cranbourne Botanical Garden’s Excursion this month.  What a generous, community minded group!
    The family of one of our four year old pupils, has donated $200 of goods from their homewares shop – Mountain Gate Essential Homewares.  We were able to purchase indoor and outdoor play equipment as well as kitchen supplies.  Thank you so much.
    Although not a current Committee Member, Scout’s mum – Anna has assisted our committee by putting together a much needed Health and Safety Manual for Nara Preschool.  This was a time consuming job, and is much appreciated.  Thank you.
    Thank you to Vanessa, the eight parents and various children who renewed our tanbark (which was very compacted) by aerating it.  Two hours of hard work lead to a much safer play surface.


Vanessa is in the process of preparing Transition Reports for each four year old student.

By now parents of 4yo pupils should have received some general information, as well as a form for each pupil, for parents to complete and return to Vanessa.  Please return these forms as soon as possible.

If you have not yet received this information, please let Vanessa know urgently.


    Watch out for your Mango Fundraiser Form this week!  Here’s a great recipe to try when your mangos arrive.

Mango Chicken Salad
On a large platter, place some mixed lettuce leaves.  Lightly steam some asparagus and sugar snap peas or snow peas until they are still a little crunchy.  Place these in clumps on the edge of the platter.  Sprinkle lightly with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Pull apart a BBQ chicken to obtain the meat and slice or have in small segments or slice some cooked chicken breasts.  Pile over lettuce leaves in centre of the platter.  Top with chopped mango and scatter with either cashew nuts or macadamia.  Enjoy!

    Packets of Christmas Cards are available in the foyer for 50cents.  All proceeds go to Nara.
    We will receive these later this term.  Thank you to those who ordered plates.
    Thank you to those who have purchased Tea Towels.  These have now been delivered.


Don’t forget your child’s broad-brimmed or legionnaire style hat that shades the head, face, neck and ears.   Why not keep a sun hat permanently in your child’s backpack?


Lost something?  Don’t forget to check the shelf in the foyer for lost property – particularly drink bottles.


Keep an eye out for bunches of garden greens fresh from our kindergarten garden.  Available in the foyer from time to time for 50 cents, they’re delicious!


This fundraiser for Marysville Kindergarten is progressing well.  If you haven’t already viewed and ordered photos, please look through the photo albums in the foyer and place an order as soon as possible.  Photos are $1 each.  Enlargements of photos are also available at very reasonable prices.


Effective from November 9, 2009 there are new child car restraint law in place.  Some of the changes include:

  • Children between six months and under four years must use an approved, properly fastened and adjusted rearward facing child restraint OR a forward facing restraint
  • Children aged between 4 years and under 7 years must use an approved, properly fastened and adjusted  forward facing restraint or an approved booster seat which is properly positioned and fastened.
  • If a car has two or more rows of seats, then children under 7 years must not travel in the front seat.
  • If all seats, other than the front seats, are being used by children under 7 years, children aged between four and six years (inclusive) may travel in the front seat, provided they use an approved restraint or booster that is properly fitted.

For a comprehensive explanation of the new laws, please go to:


We ended last term with a successful Father’s Night where we saw 18 Dads enjoy sharing some activities with their child.  We’re not sure whether father or child had a better time! Some wonderful creations emerged as Dads put their skills to use, and a momento of father and child handprints were made.  The night ended with the children presenting their special original creations to their dads.

The drama workshop was excellent as Sarah took the children on a journey in search of a lost spider. All the children were engaged and participated in the story.  At the end of it the children were given a moment to put their thoughts onto paper and a book was created.

This term will be a busy term for us as we finish off the year. We will be going on our exciting excursion to the Botanical gardens later this month.  Thank you to the Lions Club of Mt Waverley for paying for the charter of the bus to and from there, and big thank you to Melissa for organising it for us.  Also thank you to Blue Group for swapping a session with us so that we can spend a day at the Gardens.

We have started the term with some new activities while maintaining some familiar ones.  We will try dropper painting where the children can practise their fine motor control in controlling the dropper and amount of paint which they release.  As well as this they will learn about colour mixing as they see what happens when colours are mixed on the blotting paper.

Outdoors we will continue to work on our climbing skills, extending to the scramble net for those who are ready to tackle it.  We will also extend our block building skills to the outside and introduce some pipes and other materials to the outdoor blocks.


Cheryl and Leanne


The music incursion was a big success.  The children enjoyed the new songs they have learnt.  They have already asked at group time for particular ones they liked.

In the last week of term at kinder we had a dress as your team sport day.  We made some cheering implements with tubes and crepe paper.  We also spent a lot of the session kicking the football around and cheering on our team.

The children have continued to play the different board games and dice games throughout the sessions.  They are also adapting the rules and making up different rules for the games, still building onto the skills they have already learnt.  They are also enjoying different sequencing and matching games – some of these have pictures and some with different shapes on them.

Many of the children have been enjoying the trapeze outside, gaining the ability to get themselves up and make it swing.  Also outside the children have taken out the snail game and each child had a coloured snail and moved themselves across the yard as another child rolled the dice and called out the colour.

Some of the children helped Gabby pick the lettuce. The leaves were then bunched up and sold for 50 cents. Making us about $6, we will continue to sell some of the produce we grow as well as eating them.

First week of term we had a fantastic visit from Wild Action – Under the Sea.  The children enjoyed the variety of creatures, and all had a turn holding a creature.  We invite parents to look at the photos taken – which show how much fun and excitement the children had.


Vanessa, Louise and Sarah


Do you have any suggestions or feedback for our news blog?  Perhaps an article you would like included, or some further information or a question on a topic mentioned?

Please let Kathie Halliday know by email – , in person, or via Vanessa or Cheryl or a member the Nara Committee.   All suggestions and input gratefully received!

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