We URGENTLY require three extra helpers this weekend for our Bunning’s BBQ. These BBQs are a great source of fundraising dollars for the kinder, and only require your time (rather than money). Please put your name on the roster urgently or contact Melissa (Ph: 0411 270 123) if you can help. If you are unable to help with the BBQ – we would still love you and your family to drop in for a sausage, and to say hello.


Nara Preschool is Sunsmart, and it’s that time of year again.

· Children must bring a broad-brimmed or legionnaire style hat that shades the head, face, neck and ears. (Nara Preschool hats are available for purchase upon request).

· Children should wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible (PLEASE – no singlet tops).

· Before (or when) arriving at Preschool, parents should ensure children have 30+ sunscreen applied. During long (6 hour) sessions, staff will ensure sunscreen is reapplied after three hours (ie. at about 12:15pm for sessions beginning at 9:15am).

· Children are encouraged to seek shade on sunny days.

UV levels in Victoria are on the rise again so from September it’s time to grab your sun protection gear and do the SunSmart Countdown. Whenever UV levels reach 3 and above, sun protection is needed because that is when the sun can start to damage skin and eyes and lead to skin cancer.


Enrolment queries for 2010?

4 Year Old Enrolment OfficerMaria Tod – 0410 043 721

3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Carolyn Heil – 0410 043 713


Term 4 fees are due by Friday September 18 (the final day of Term 3). Again our preferred payment option is internet direct debit. Cheque payment is also available. Although payment may be made by cash – we very STRONGLY DISCOURAGE this, as it poses security risks for the kinder.

Details for electronic payment are as follows:

Account Name: Nara Pre School Association Inc.
Bank Account Number: 00900501
BSB Number: 063 151
Description: Child’s Name Term X ? You must include a description


Thank you to the 49% of families that completed our 2009 Nara Pre-School Parent Survey. Below is some information about the feedback received.

Key points:

· Very similar results to 2007 survey.

· Overall, the strong majority are satisfied with Nara.

Individual categories of responses:

  • Facilities – overall 97% of the reponses to questions about aspects of the facilities were positive.
  • Communication – overall 90% of the reponses to questions about aspects of communication were positive.
  • Educational program – overall 99% of the reponses to questions about aspects of the educational program were positive.
  • Parent Involvement – overall 90% of the reponses to questions about aspects of parental involvement were positive.

Comments made on the surveys are very helpful, and brought up some useful points which are being followed up, such as:

· ENTRANCE LOBBY: A very frequent comment recorded was that the Nara entrance lobby is too small and gets crowded. We all agree! There are plans afoot to renovate Nara, and the entrance/exit is a key area that is under review.

· FORMAL FEEDBACK FOR PARENTS: A small group of respondents indicated that they would like more formal feedback on the progress of their child. Please be aware that both Vanessa and Cheryl are happy to make appointments with parents who request them. (This has been the case all year, but we now realise that not all parents are aware of this.) The teachers will proactively contact a parent if they have any major concerns about a child. Also, as you may know, the government has introduced a requirement for teachers of 4yo kinder to produce a standardised report towards the end of each year, aimed at providing information for the prep class.

· COMMUNICATION: The committee continues to try and keep some communication going out to parents with these regular newsletters, and fundraising activities, and special events such as the disco. As a result of comments made in the survey, we have now put up a list of the committee members and contacts in the lobby, to help make sure we are more accessible to parents.

Thank you. Parent feedback and suggestions are always welcome!


bestchance are inviting any interested parents from kindergartens within their cluster group to view and provide feedback on their updated draft Behaviour Guidance Policy. Please see Cheryl or Vanessa to obtain a copy of the draft policy. Parents have until the end of Term 3 (September 18) to provide feedback.



  • Helping children deal with their feelings;
  • Inviting cooperation so parents and children feel good about themselves;
  • Positive alternatives to punishment that enable you to express disapproval and children to assume responsibility for their behavior;

· Building children’s strengths and self-reliance.

Chris Daicos is an experienced and highly regarded Educational and Parenting Consultant. This parent information night is hosted by bestchance on Thursday October 15, 2009.

When: Thursday October 15, 7:15pm – 9pm (7:30pm start)

Where: bestchance Children’s Centre, 583 Ferntree Gully Road, Glen Waverley

Cost: $12 (Parking on site)

How: Contact Vanessa, Cheryl or Nara Committee ASAP (preferably by September 14). Forward your payment to Nara Pre-school.


Thank you for to all those who helped out with and attended our ‘Touch of Sparkle’ Disco Night. A wonderful night of fun was had by all.

Orders have closed and are due for delivery next Term. Thank you to those who have purchased Tea Towels.

Please submit your child’s drawing along with payment as soon as possible – orders close Thursday September 10 (no late orders can be accepted, as plates take up to 12 weeks to be delivered). If you require another template for your child to complete, these are available on the shelf under the Sign?In Book. These plates are loved by the children, and make great memorabilia and Christmas presents.


We wish to thank and support the following organisations for their assistance:

Who continually support us through donations of bread – the most recent being the hotdog rolls for the Disco. Thank you Andrew and Jay.

Through their fundraising website we have already received Four Double Passes which we were able to use as prizes at our Disco Night. Thank you to those who register daily for our Nara Pre-school Fundraiser. It takes less than 30 seconds to register. We encourage all parents to save this address in their favourites and register daily? http://waverleycinema.com/program/club0035.php


Sadly, three kindergartens were destroyed due to the bushfires this year – Kinglake, Flowerdale and Marysville. Two of these kindergartens (Kinglake and Flowerdale) reopened at the beginning of this term.

Nara preschool has decided to support Marysville Preschool, who are taking a little longer to reopen. $250 of Carnival Club points will be passed on for purchase of books. Also funds raised from our special photographs of children will also be passed onto Marysville Preschool.

Only 12 homes in Marysville were not burnt down, and the cost to the community on all fronts has been devastating. As most of us put this disaster behind us, now is a time when more than ever when support and assistance are required. Nara Pre-School community can be proud of our support to date, and prouder once we review (and also hopefully purchase) the wonderful photos taken of our children.


It has been an extremely busy month for Green group. We welcome Pete back from his holiday in Greece – back looking relaxed and very tanned! He has settled back in beautifully.

Our Grandparents and Special Friends week went very well with many visitors visiting over the two days. The children made scones for our guests and were very excited to show their special guests around and spend time with them.

We introduced a sensory table where we had goop under plastic – the idea being to squish and move the goop around creating patterns and just enjoying the feel. The children enjoy this experience as well as our parents on duty! The children are enjoying the many play spaces available, sometimes working alone and sometimes with one or two other friends.

Our Salesian College helpers finished off with us and we made some pizzas on their last day as a special treat. It was a wonderful experience having them here.

The last weeks of term are extremely busy for us. We (the Coady family) became new parents to two little black lambs who visited the kinder on Thursday the 3rd of September.

The children have been busy making their father’s day gifts which will have been revealed before this newsletter. One child described the item to her Mum as “it’s something we twist and has beads and we squish it to fit in his pocket” (Answer in the next issue!). Our fathers joined us on Thursday the 3rd of September for dinner and then some activities with the children.

I have organised an incursion with Telling Tales. I attended a workshop by Sarah who runs drama workshops and was very impressed with her. She writes a story with the children and then takes them along the journey with her. I am very excited to see her work with the children.

An expression of interest for an excursion to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens has been sent out with the majority supporting the idea. However we have come across a slight bump so we are reworking the idea. We hope to still go ahead with this excursion.


Cheryl and Leanne


What a busy couple of months and another about to arrive. Thank you to all the parents who have been bringing back all those forms and coping with the little hiccups along the way. The computer letters are slowly coming along and you are all responding to them. If you are not on line as yet it may be something to think about.

The children have been busy with the father’s night and the disco. Both of these were very successful and all the children who attended had a fantastic time. The parents also seemed to get into the swing of it and were quite involved.

We would like to welcome Ada who is volunteering with us every Wednesday. She is a teacher from China who is studying her masters in early childhood and wants to see how kindergartens work in Australia. She has been with us for two weeks so far, and has been sharing her knowledge and skills.

The children enjoyed the police visit last week, especially the police car and siren. Thank you to Caroline from Glen Waverley Police for her time and the information shared.

The children been really interested in the big dice and have created many games using them. We have been putting out different types of counting and number games to extend this interest. Some children are adding the numbers of the two dice together, some children are collecting objects that match the numbers they are rolling and they are helping each other count the dots together.

The children have also been fairies, firemen, office workers, Doctors and some children made a restaurant during their dramatic play time. They have continued to build onto their skills at the insects/ light table, the penguins and the snakes/lizard experiences. They have been drawing pasting and painting many different pieces and lots of children are experimenting with letters and writing words that interest them e.g. their name and their friend’s names. We have also been putting out big floor puzzles that the children have been working on in small groups to complete.

We have also had some parents come and share their skills with the children. Thank you to them. One parent read a story in another language and the other showed the children some of the things Doctors do. If there is anyone else interested in sharing their skills please let me know as the children really enjoyed these times.


Vanessa, Louise and Sarah


Many people in the world have poor healthcare, along with eyesight problems and no funds for glasses. Lion’s Club collect glasses for distribution to those in poorer countries. Used glasses may be dropped off to Ian and Denise at Mount Waverley Visioncare – 75 Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley. Also – used glasses may be dropped at Nara Pre-school until the end of October.


Monash Medical Centre Clayton is the only designated tertiary paediatric service in Victoria. Together with children’s wards at Dandenong and Casey Hospitals Monash Medical forms the second largest children’ s hospital service in Victoria, and the third largest in Australia. Phone 13KIDS (13  5437) or www.monashchildrens.org.au to contact Monash Children’s Southern Health.


Do you have any suggestions or feedback for our newsletter? Perhaps an article you would like included, or some further information or a question on a topic mentioned?

Please let Kathie Halliday know by email (news@narapreschool.org.au), in person, or via Vanessa or Cheryl or a member the Nara Committee. All suggestions and input gratefully received!

Newsletter items are also posted on our website: www.narapreschool.org.au


54% of our families are now receiving Nara Newsletters via e-mail!

If you would like to receive newsletters and other communications by e-mail, please return the slip below. Thank you.

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