Thank you to all the parents who took the time to complete and return the 2009 Parent Surveys. The Committee and Staff are currently reviewing the results. We will provide information about the results in our next newsletter.


This week Schoolpix are taking photos of our Nara children. Proofs will be available for viewing and purchase within the next month.


A listing of Committee Members has been placed in the foyer. We hope to include contact details and a lovely photo (aka “mugshot”) of each of us on the wall shortly. We hope this will assist parents in being able to contact us.


In line with the Central Enrolments Timetable set by the City of Monash, 4yo offers for 2010 were posted out by Nara in the first week of Term. Letters regarding 3yo offers for 2010 are due be sent end of July.

To ensure a place, secure the session times wanted (for 4yo) and assist with planning for 2010, it is important to confirm your child’s place as soon as possible, or to let us know if you will not be requiring a place for 2010.

Enrolment queries:

4 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Maria Tod – 0410 043 721

3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Carolyn Heil – 0410 043 713

2010 FEES:

Nara is in the process of setting fees for 2010. All kindergartens in Victoria are currently waiting for the Government to release details of subsidies to offset increased staff costs under the new Kindergarten Multi-Employer Certified Agreement. We will provide updated fee information to parents as soon as possible.


You may have noticed some posters and pamphlets regarding the “Go for your life” program at Nara. In particular we are promoting healthy eating options for our Nara children. Some keys points include:

  • Drinking mainly water. Limit sweet drinks to a small glass less that 1 to 2 times per week.
  • Limit food and drinks high in fat, salt and sugar. These foods should be promoted as “Sometimes” foods.
  • Eat Vegetables and Fruit everyday. Keep offering vegetables and fruit even if you child avoids eating them.

Further information and tips are available on the web at


Following our successful Chocolate Drive, we head into Term 3 with Picture Plates, Tea Towels, a Disco Night, Bunnings BBQ and Toy Catalogue planned.

The Picture Plates and Tea Towels are great memorabilia, and are a good opportunity to get ahead with Christmas shopping for Grandmas, aunties and others. The Disco Night – sheer fun! Bunnings BBQ – September 12 – pop the date in your diary now and add your name to the roster at the kinder – the more parents who help, the more fun and easier for all. The Educational Experience Toy Catalogue earns equipment for the kindergarten, and provides an easy, convenient way for parents to purchase some great items for Christmas.

Save this address to your favourites and register daily if possible. This takes less than a minute, earns Nara Pre-School rewards, and also can earn spot prizes for those registering. As well earning points toward a cash reward for the kindergarten, every 100 “hits” Nara receives a double pass to the movies! These passes will be used for children and their families, as prizes at our social and fundraising events.


Our “Ace” photographer has taken over 400 photographs of Nara children, and is currently preparing the best photos for parents to review. Photos will be available for review and purchase shortly.


The children are all developing well and we can see how different they are to when we first met them at the start of the year.  One of the most important things we learn this year is to exist within a space with others ………sharing, playing with and being part of a group.

This term we introduced more music and movement. The children do enjoy this part of the program. We are also trying our hand at games, starting with dominos. With this we learn as well as how to play the game, turn taking and some are even using strategy.

The children enjoyed the excursion to Link Educational Supplies even though it was a long walk! Thank you to the parents who helped us on this excursion – we couldn’t have done it without you. As Link did not charge us anything for this, please consider supporting Link the next time you are after some school supplies or books.

A Fathers Day Night is scheduled for Thursday September 3. More information will be sent out closer to the date.

We are considering a social event for Green Group this Term where families can come together with the staff in a relaxing setting. If you have any ideas, please let us know! We feel it is important for families to get to know each other including those who with commitments on weekdays, so we are thinking of planning a weekend event.


Cheryl and Leanne


Some of the recent activities and interests of the children have included being police, using dolls, hanging out the washing, digging, watering and planting our plants, making banana muffins, using candles in magic painting, mixing water colours and making books. Our pasting table continues to be busy, along with matching and colour games.

We have been talking about stories. For instance, a group of children were telling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, whilst we drew pictures on the easel. Together we worked out the order of the story.

Red Group enjoyed their excursion to Sussex Heights Primary. The children participated in the same activities as Blue Group.

Thank you to the two parents who helped cleanout and organise the kitchen.

We have noticed many of you reading your child’s portfolios. You are most welcome to take your child’s portfolio home to share within your family and return the following session. You and your child are also welcome to add a page to the portfolio to share with us at Nara if you wish.

As mentioned in our recent Four Year Old Newsletter, parents are invited to organise a time to discuss their child’s progress, should they wish. Times I am generally available are 3:30pm-4:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Monday 9am-11am or Thursday 2:30-4:30pm. Later times can also be arranged if required.

We are having a fathers (special persons night) in August – Tuesday August 18 for Blue Group and Wednesday August 19 for Red Group, from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Please come and join your child, experience the enjoyment they have at kinder and meet their friends.


Vanessa, Louise and Sarah


Do you have any suggestions or feedback for our newsletter? Perhaps an article you would like included, or some further information or a question on a topic mentioned?

Please let Kathie Halliday know by email (, in person, or via Vanessa or Cheryl. All suggestions and input gratefully received!

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