We remind you that kindergarten enrolments for both three and four year old kindergarten for 2010 and beyond must be lodged directly with the City of Monash. The cut-off date for first round applications for 2010 is June 30, 2009. Forms are available from Nara, or by contacting the City of Monash.

As per the timetable set by the City of Monash, first round of enrolment offers for 2010 will be processed during July, with letters regarding 4yo offers sent mid July, and letters regarding 3yo offers sent end of July.

Enrolment queries:

4 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Maria Tod – 0410 043 721

3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Carolyn Heil – 0410 043 713


We are reminded that the winter flu and colds season is now upon us, and helping our children to remember their good hygiene habits is very helpful in a kindergarten environment. We can all teach our children to cover their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze, and to remember to wash their hands with soap at all the right moments. With the current cases of H1N1 Influenza (Human Swine Flu) in Victoria, these precautions are even more important.

A reminder to all parents, that if our children have a raised temperature or are feeling unwell, then they need to be at home. Also, if a child has had vomiting or diarrhoea then they should not attend kindergarten for 48 hours. At Nara, we encourage our children to share most things – but not germs!


As the weather gets colder, please be sure to pack jumpers, coats, beanies, etc, so that your child can remove and add clothing as he/she moves between indoors and outdoors.


Don’t forget to support Nara Pre-School through this fundraiser. Save this address to your favourites and register as many times as possible (although no more than daily). This takes less than a minute, is very easy as well as free, earns Nara Pre-School rewards, and also earns spot prizes for those registering. Thank you to those who are already registering daily.


Term three fees are due by Friday June 26 (the final day of Term 2). Again our preferred payment option is internet direct debit. Cheque payment is also available. Although payment may be made by cash – we very STRONGLY DISCOURAGE this, as it poses security risks for the kinder.

Details for electronic payment are as follows:

Account Name: Nara Pre School Association Inc.
Bank Account Number: 00900501
BSB Number: 063 151
Description: Child’s Name Term X ? You must include a description


Don’t forget to save our Nara Website in your favourites on your computer. It’s a quick, easy way of checking important dates and news items, without the paper clutter.

Our web address is:


Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts. It allows Nara to purchase extra toys, equipment and teaching resources.

The Monash Community Raffle is drawn this week – let’s hope someone from Nara is a winner! We have raised over $500 from this raffle.

The Chocolate and Lolly Drive is going very well. We are still waiting for some families to return their money or chocolates and lollies. If you wish to purchase more chocolates, the teachers have some available for sale.


We have two projects supporting the bushfire appeal.

1.  Through purchases made by families from Carnival Club we now have $250 in reward points to donate to one of the kindergartens destroyed by the fires.

2.  Our photo fundraiser is well underway now, and parents will be able to view photos of their children shortly.


Did you know that Nara Pre-School has a library of information books for parents. Parents are invited to view and borrow these books. The library is in the cupboard in the foyer. There is a borrowing form on the cupboard door.


We all know how hard it is sometimes to persuade a reluctant pre-schooler into their safety seat, and how tempting it is to just ‘forget it’ for a short trip into kindergarten. But please remember that most accidents do actually occur close to home, and children’s small bodies are so vulnerable.

There are new child restraint laws approved which will become law on November 9. These laws state (amongst other things) that all babies under 6 months must be in a rearward facing restraint, children under 4 years must be in a proper 5 point restraint child seat, and children aged 4 – 7 years must be in a booster seat. Many 4 year olds still fit into their child seat, and should stay in this as long as they fit properly. The safest booster seats have a design that keeps the lap belt down low across the child’s hips (called an anti-sub device), and the seat is itself attached to a restraint point. And it’s even better to use a harness, too.

There is more information available on the RACV website, or for the facts from two sets of parents try . (but keep a hanky handy…).

Let’s keep all our beautiful Nara kids safe and well!


Following correspondence with the City of Monash, it appears likely that the council will be able to fund an extension and refurbishment of Nara Pre-School in 2010/11. The proposed building work would allow us flexibility in the future and greatly improve our facilities. Given the free space beside the kindergarten, works could take place with very little disruption. This is very exciting for the pre?school. Imagine having easier access for prams, less congestion, more space… etc.


Indoors the children have been working a lot on cutting. Many are just starting to hold the scissors correctly and practice manipulating it to cut. Their intense concentration is clear on their faces as they work hard cutting paper into little pieces. I have also introduced small paper punches. The children are working hard on these, it takes a lot of finger strength to punch out the shape. This activity is excellent for strengthening their finger strength.

We are also doing painting using fine brushes and paint blocks. Most of the children grasped the concept quickly – we need to remember to clean the brush properly before we change colours and also not to have the brush too wet or it will leave a pool of water in the paint block.

The children are enjoying music time, incorporating more movement and the use of instruments. The children enjoy the music sessions and we are getting better at making circles quickly and also moving around in a circle!

Outdoors, the children continue to practice their climbing skills. We have also been doing some simple ball activities – kicking to each other and a bit of footy.

We look forward to our story time excursion to Link Educational Supplies this week.


Cheryl and Leanne

Blue Group went on an excursion to Sussex Heights Primary School, they had a fabulous time. Activities included indoor and outdoor play, computers, art and a story. On the walk back we found numbers on the letter boxes we talked about crossing the road safely and counted different objects e.g. one group counted fire hydrants. Red group will be attending Sussex Heights Primary School on the17th June.

The children have been extremely busy making and playing mini golf with a variety of materials both inside and outside. They have been rolling balls through the tubes, around and over blocks and through tunnels. The children have also been using cars and trucks. They have been painting with them on the easels and down the ramp. They have used the big blocks around the steering wheel adding tyres and many other objects. The mobilo has been made into trucks and cars being used in varying places around the yard especially in the sandpit.

Inside the children have been busy drawing and making books. Pasting has been busy as usual, many creations being developed. Painting both on the easels and at the small table using small brushes, sticks and cotton buds has also been used frequently. The children have been threading with cards and coloured shapes, we are going to change the threading to take home pieces. Head phones with songs and stories are proving to be popular.

Library has been going for a few weeks and the children are enjoying the books or story bags they are taking home.

The friend book is popular. Many of the children have had their turn of taking it home to share photos of their friends with the parents. All of the children have been drawing pictures of their friends for the book.

Last week of term we will be having sausage sizzle lunches for parents and children. You will receive an invitation shortly. We hope you can attend.

Also next term, we are planning a father’s night sometime in August. More information to follow.

Kind regards,

Vanessa, Louise and Sarah


Our Open Day on May 23rd was well attended. Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a successful day.


We were thinking that it would be convenient and easy, if most of Nara Pre-School communications could be sent to parents by e-mail, reducing paper clutter and saving time and money. During Term 3 we will start using e-mail for newsletters, notices and teacher communication.

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