Thank you to those who attended our free parent evening with Brendan O’Hara on Thursday April 30.  By all accounts it was a terrific evening and complimented the incursions the children had last week with Brendan.


This free session on Wednesday May 6, 7:00pm will explore the strategies used by kindergarten teachers, school teachers and parents to support children’s transition to school.   Presented by Marg McLeish, Training Co-ordinator – Kindergarten Parents Victoria and Ingrid Noblett, Prep Co-ordinator – Mt Waverley Primary School, it promises to be a very informative evening.

Please be sure to add your name to the list and come along.


Money and details for sold tickets and also any unsold tickets were due to be returned by Friday April 24. 

If you have not yet returned your money and sold or unsold tickets please would you return these urgently?

All tickets must be accounted for!


Thank you to everyone who has already forwarded fees for term 2 by the due date – Friday April 3.  If you have not yet paid Term 2 fees for your child, please would you forward fees urgently? 

Again our preferred payment option is internet direct debit.  Cheque payment is also available.  Although payment may be made by cash – we very STRONGLY DISCOURAGE this, as it poses security risks for the kinder. 

Details for electronic payment are as follows:

Account Name:                          Nara Pre School Association Inc.
Bank Account Number:           00900501
BSB Number:                               063 151
Description:                                 Child’s Name Term X    ? You must include a description


Now that we are in May and the colder weather is arriving, children are not required to wear sunhats and sunscreen.

As the weather gets colder, please be sure to pack jumpers, coats, beanies, etc, so that your child can remove and add clothing as he/she moves between indoors and outdoors.


Thank you for your support with our Easter Family Day – what a fun day for our children and ourselves!

In Term 2 we are:

  1. Finalising Monash Community Raffle.  (Don’t forget to return your money/tickets urgently).
  2. Having our Annual Cadbury Chocolate Drive – Tuesday May 5 onwards.

Your support of our kinder is so important.  For instance, consider our new turf and shade sail and the extra play space provided – all from our fundraising dollars.

Thank you.


Thank you to those who attended our working bee Saturday March 14.  Despite the torrential rain, we completed all our jobs.  The new turf could then be laid a few days later.


All Nara enrolments for both 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten are processed by the City of Monash.  4 year old enrolments should be placed by June 30, 2009.  3 year enrolments should also be placed asap.  In order to receive preferential treatment for siblings in our 3 year old program, applications for siblings of pupils who are already attending must be submitted by May 31, 2009.

Enrolment queries:

                4 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Maria Tod – 9504 2622

                3 Year Old Enrolment Officer – Carolyn Heil – 9807 6999


As you are aware, Nara Pre-School depends heavily on the fundraising of our families and supporters.  The purpose of this notice is to advise you of a new online fundraiser we have commenced in co?operation with Waverley Cinemas Pinewood.  It involves no more than you and as many of your friends and family as possible visiting the Nara Pre-School fundraiser page as many times as possible (maximum one visit per day) and registering your support.   Add it to your ‘favourites’ and go on every day!

Your visit earns Nara Pre-School 2 cents and subsequent visits are displayed as a sign of your support for our Kinder.  At the same time as supporting Nara Pre-School, you have the opportunity to win Waverley Cinema Double Passes as well as other prizes.  The income is derived from Waverley Cinemas (and eventually more income from other local traders) in return for Nara Pre-School members being frequently exposed to the products and services of the cinema.  Every month we will publish an update advising  you of the progress of Nara Pre-School’s fundraiser and hopefully you will be enthused enough to encourage your workmates, friends, relatives etc to support our effort.  Please visit the above website page and register your initial vote of support.

We are required to have at least 5 “hits” per day, 7 days a week for us to remain on the website, so please ensure you register your name DAILY and don’t forget to pass this info to friends/family etc

Green Group (3YO) News:

It has been a busy start to the term. The children arrived back eager to get right into work again. Some familiar activities as well as some new ones have been set up.

We have a few things organised for the term. First up is our preparation for Mother’s Day. The children were excited with their creations and we had to learn about patience and secrets, since we couldn’t tell Mum straight away about what we had done! A discussion was also had in terms of what we would do for the special afternoon tea we were going to hold for our Mums. The children made suggestions and we came up with a menu for the day. We did have to remind a few that the food was not for us and to think about what Mum would enjoy eating instead of what we wanted to eat! With the menu decided, the children will also have a hand in preparing the food as well as setting up the room for the afternoon tea.

The next exciting event is our visit from Brendan who will work with us on movement and learning. We anticipate that the children will have a wonderful time with him, whilst important development is taking place.

In conjunction with Brendan’s visit, our group will be doing music and movement as part of our group times. Apart from being a fun time, the children will be enhancing their various areas of development.

We will also be looking forward to a mini-excursion later this term – details to be announced later!


Cheryl and Leanne

Red and Blue Groups (4YO) News:

I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays.

I would like to thank the parents and staff that gave up some of their time to help tidy up the store?room.  It looks much better and hopefully we will be able to find things more easily.  Now, we will start working on the outdoor shed, boxing toys and sorting them out as well.

We have had to say goodbye to Margaret who will be greatly missed.  We welcome Louise who has settled in well and we are looking forward to the future.  Sarah is commencing lunch cover in May.

The children have been bunnies in the home corner giving out eggs and hiding them for each other to find.  They are being dogs and cats as well – a popular play experience both inside and outside.  To extend the children interests, we have been reading stories and have done some movement experiences being cats.  Extending different play ideas we have put out cat and dog figurines and Puppets.  Through discussions with the children we added bowls, blankets and food.

Over the past month the children have really enjoyed “going on a trip” using the steering wheel and chairs, creating a variety of transport machines.  So we have built onto this interest by putting out trains and trucks.  We have asked children for ideas about what they may need to use on their trips and given them props where needed.  Some children have added their own ideas as props as well. We have started to read stories on holidays, and different types of transport.

The children have been busy with paints, pasting and drawings.  We are also looking at insects. Puzzles have been popular and they are starting to play dominos which is a good game for developing recognition and matching skills.

Outside the big blocks have been used regularly, with a lot of negotiation and sharing being practiced.  We have set up the climbing in a new way, once again challenging the children and giving them a new interest in climbing.

Notices will be sent home shortly regarding our excursion this term to Sussex Heights Primary School.

Don’t forget our next parent information nights on Wednesday 6th of May. The nights are free and many topics about child readiness and school readiness will be discussed.

Look out for our display board out the front. It will have a variety of different topics about child related issues.

Kind regards,

Vanessa, Louise and Sarah

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