WELCOME…  We are excited to show you around!

Centrally located to several local primary schools in Mount Waverley, Nara is ideally placed for your child to begin their education…  Forming friendships that could continue on with them into primary school.  Learn more about Nara Pre-School and why it’s so popular.  Please look around…

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Nara prides itself with excellent, dedicated educators and staff, and an active management committee, making for a high-quality, well-run pre-school for 3 and 4 year olds, and their families.


Nara is a member of the Bestchance network, which provides among other things, a professional employment and training framework for our teachers.  Bestchance has over 100 years experience of caring for the needs of children and families.  Such support from an experienced, family-care organisation provides a trouble-free environment in which children can grow and thrive, surrounded by happy staff.

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